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Quintessential of Cyber Security

With the true digitization happening across developing and developed world, it is imperative that the businesses are conducted securely and flawlessly. Emergence of cloud, more and more business critical information is staying far away from the conventional secluded company owned data centers. On the other hand, state sponsored hacking community is brewing newer techniques to compromise and steal mission critical data. In the bargain, businesses are in the dilemma to circumvent from cyber attacks with known and unknown threat vectors. It is essential that businesses make informed decisions ahead of attackers and strengthen both internal and external security postures.

It is a misnomer and presumption that ‘zero day vulnerability’ is sufficient to combat the cyber threats. In real life, zero day attacks occur during the vulnerability window that exists between the time vulnerability is first exploited and when the developers come-up with a fix. Essentially it is that day when the zero-day vulnerability is potentially exploited by an attacker and the recipient is either vulnerable OR already compromised to such zero day vectors. Hence zero day protection is more reactive in nature.

In a step to combat such attacks, Minusday Security Lab works pro actively even before the zero day announcement of vulnerability and provide critical information about the threat vectors and its impact on the businesses along with workarounds to its customers/subscribers much ahead of the OEM’s releases fix and thus help reduce the untoward attacks on mission critical cyber assets.

Minusday Security Lab, as a result of its collaborative effort with fellow researchers, is able to help businesses to be secured and be ahead of the attacking community in safeguarding digital assets.

About Us

Minusday Security Lab is a pure play security-consulting company focuses on devising cyber security strategy for businesses. Minusday Security helps in analyzing the current practices based on the business need, company’s internal policies and external compliance mandates and involve in strategizing and transforming organizations from the information security point of view. Besides, the company performs threat and vulnerability management as per global best practices and based on the compliances such as ISO 27001, PCI/DSS, HIPAA and others.

Minusday team helps in emergency responses for businesses in the event of any breach, conducts remote triage and reduces the impact on both business and technology. Minusday strongly believes that business continuity, brand equity and compliance management are the key pillars of any business and maintaining these at threshold level is extremely important and helps businesses in managing them. Minusday’s sustainable competitive advantage is its human resource and ability to keep abreast with best practices that the world follows and offer superior services at the most competitive pricing that the SME’s and even large enterprises were deprived of owing to high cost of engagements with consulting companies.

Our Vision and 3D Strategy

Minusday Security Lab’s vision is be ‘secure and resilient’ to cyber threats and be confident in the digital world.

To realize this vision, we work to achieve the following 3D objectives:

• DEFEND We help build and provide means to defend our Customer Organizations against evolving cyber threats, to respond effectively to incidents, to ensure enterprises networks, data and systems are protected and resilient.

•DETER: We detect, understand, investigate and disrupt hostile action taken against our customer cyber assets.

•DEVELOP: We are continually building self-sustaining talent that provides the skills to meet our customer organization’s cyber needs. Our cutting-edge analysis and expertise will enable our customers to meet and overcome future threats and challenges.

Leadership Team

Madhu Joshi, Chief Executive Officer

Madhu is the CEO for Minusday Security Labs and leads Cloud practice. In the past, Madhu was the CTO at StackArmor, a cloud systems integrator based in Washington, DC area where he handled several cloud initiatives both at federal agencies and commercial clients. He has used Amazon Web Services (AWS) since 2009 and holds several professional certifications in areas of cloud computing and systems management. Madhu has built high-profile web platforms/portals in AWS for DoD, Verato, National Geospatial Agency (NGA), DHS FEMA, PIMCO, American Eagle Foundation (AEF), ProQuest Search Solutions, The Coca Cola Company, Food Network, Scripps, Special Olympics, Home and Garden TV and Monumental Sports.

Madhu is passionate about teaching cloud-computing skills to individuals and corporations and provides foundations and advanced AWS training. He is also an Adjunct Professor of Cloud Computing at Johns Hopkins University.

Madhu holds a BS in Electronics and Communication Engineering and MS in Computer Science. He is also a CISSP. His areas of interest include Storage Management, Cloud Computing, Virtualization, Database, Security and Open Source. He resides in Washington D.C. area.


Ravi specializes in business strategy formulation and internationalization of companies in the IT and Information Security industries. He has successfully carried out business development in over 14 countries in APAC and Middle East countries.

Ravi holds Bachelors in Electrical & Electronics engineering from BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore. Ravi did his Advanced Management Program (AMP) from IIMB along with an international immersion program from ESADE, Barcelona, Spain. He is a post-graduate diploma holder in business strategy (PGDIBS) from IIFT, Delhi. He resides in Bangalore, India.

Pradyumna Nag Advisor – Finance and Legal

Prady advises on legal and accounting matters to Minusday Security Lab. Prady is a founding member of Prequate, a consulting company based out of Bangalore. Post working with KPMG, Prady is now leveraging his experience to mentor and provide guidance to small and medium businesses to help them start-up, size up and scale up. His experience has taken him through – IT & ITES, US GAAP advisory, Merger Accounting and Organizational growth. Prady is a Chartered Accountant and an alumni of IIFT, New Delhi.

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