Strategy, Governance & Risk Assurance

Minusday Security broadly classifies cyber security controls into 3 main pillars; Management Control, Operational Control and Technology Control. We help businesses formulate a comprehensive cyber security strategy from ground up to build such controls by laying down frameworks, policies and compliances. We assist in cyber security strategy transformation, change management, prioritization and re-utilization of previous investments and align security capabilities with strategic goals of the organisation. We assist organizations define business-driven enterprise security architecture, create sustainable and scalable solutions. We are vendor and product agnostic and hence bring tangible values to our customer organizations.

Our offerings include

  • Cyber security strategy, framework, program transformation & implementation - CLICK
  • Security policy, standard and procedure definition - CLICK
  • Cutting edge cyber security skill development and enhancement programs - CLICK
  • Compliance Certification advisory services - CLICK
  • Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VA/PT) for network infrastructure - CLICK
  • Application security testing (Internet, Extranet & Intranet based Applications) - CLICK
  • Mobile application security testing (MAST, CSA guideline) - CLICK
  • Insider threat management - CLICK
  • Managed Services - CLICK
  • Internet of Things - CLICK

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